About Us

About Us

Our consulting services fall into two broad categories:


Energy, Economic, and Regulatory Consulting

We provide consulting services in the economic, technical, accounting, and financial aspects of utility ratemaking. This includes development of cost of service, rate design and revenue requirements and all regulatory related matters that affect rates now and in the future.  Our professionals have represented clients in thousands of utility regulatory and other rate proceedings involving most of the major electric utilities in the United States and Canada, natural gas distribution utilities and many water and wastewater utilities. We prepare special energy-related studies to assist in the corporate decision-making process.  We also support legislative coalitions seeking to implement or alter legislation.


Energy Procurement and Management  

We provide energy procurement   and management services such as securing least cost reliable energy,  development of energy purchasing strategies, energy usage analysis, price forecasts, preparation of requests for proposals and contract negotiations. We assist clients in meeting environmental targets in the evolving landscape of environmental sustainability and compliance. 

Unbiased and Objective Energy Advice!