Nicholas L. Phillips

Nicholas L. Phillips

      Areas of Expertise 

Competitive Procurement
Available Transmission Capability
Electric Load Forecasting
Price Forecasts
Risk Analysis

Cost of Service/Rate Design
Avoided Cost Rates
Cost of Service
Performance Standards for
    Generating Units
Production Cost Modeling
Rate Design and Tariff Analysis
Real-Time Pricing
Resource Planning
Steam Cost Analysis
Stranded Costs
Transmission Planning and

Economic Modeling
Fuel Cost Recovery

Special Projects
Economic Dispatch
Impact/Exit Fee Analysis
Market Structure
Power Flow Analysis
Transmission Line Routing
Wind Integration

Mr. Phillips is an Associate at BAI. He received the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis/University of Missouri - St. Louis Joint Engineering Program. Mr. Phillips received the Degree of Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Electric Power and Energy Systems from Iowa State University of Science and Technology, and the Degree of Master of Science in Computational Finance and Risk Management from the University of Washington. He is a member of the Power and Energy Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Prior to joining BAI, Mr. Phillips, through the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Medical School at Washington University in St. Louis, aided in preliminary research focusing on the use of ultrasound as a mechanism for in vitro localized thermometry.
Since joining BAI in 2009, Mr. Phillips has been involved with numerous regulated and competitive electric service issues. These have included transmission planning, resource planning, electric price forecasting, load forecasting, cost of service, combined heat and power steam costs and power procurement. This has involved the performance of power flow, production costing, cost of service and other analysis and modeling to address these issues.

Project Work

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Other Project Work

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