Dwain Shelby

Dwain Shelby



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Mr. Shelby is a Consultant at BAI. He graduated from Wayne State University in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering. He also graduated from Davenport University in December 2021 with a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Shelby joined BAI in February 2022. Prior to joining BAI, Mr. Shelby was a Principal Engineer in the Integrated Resource Planning Department of DTE Energy. While employeed in the Integrated Planning Department of DTE Energy, his primary function was to perform modeling and analysis using resource planning software tools to support DTE Energy's decisions with respect to selecting those supply-side and demand-side resources that best meet the current and future resource needs of DTE Electric Company.

Prior to joining DTE Energy's Integrated Resource Planning Department, Mr. Shelby was employed by DTE Energy in its natural gas operations. In that role he held various positions in which he performed gas quality analysis and was involved with ensuring DTE Energy's gas regulatory standards and procedures remained in alignment with state and federal regulations.

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  • Lean/Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

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