Colin Fitzhenry

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Colin Fitzhenry



   Areas of Expertise  

Competitive Procurement
Electric Load Forecasts
Price Forecasts

Cost of Service/Rate Design
Cost of Service Modeling
Production Cost Modeling
Rate Design and Tariff Analysis
Resource Planning
Transmission Planning and

Asset Transfer Evaluations
Economic Modeling
Fuel Cost Recovery

Special Projects
Clean Power Plan Compliance
Transmission Line Routing


Mr. Fitzhenry is an Senior Consultant at BAI.  He received a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, which provided him a broad background in mechanics and control systems.  Prior to joining BAI, Mr. Fitzhenry served as an Engineer Intern for Dynegy Inc., where he was involved with generation operation at both Vermilion Power Station and Tilton Power Station.

Since joining BAI in January 2013, Mr. Fitzhenry has provided assistance in several regulated utility matters.  Some of these include transmission planning, fuel cost recovery, environmental compliance plans, mergers, asset transfers, electrical and commodity price forecasting, and power procurement.

Project Work

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Other Project Work

  • Alberta

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