Amanda Alderson

Amanda Alderson

     Areas of Expertise  

Competitive Procurement
Competitive Market Analysis
Demand Response
Power Procurement Management
Gas Procurement Management
Price Forecasts
Request for Proposals

Cost of Service/Rate Design
Cost of Service
Rate Design and Tariff Analysis
Marginal Cost Analysis
Purchase Power Contracts
Real-Time Pricing
Standby Rates

Special Projects
Compliance Management
Cost Management
Project Identification/Evaluation

Ms. Alderson is an Associate at BAI. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minors in Statistics and International Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008. Ms. Alderson also received a Masters of Business Administration Degree with a concentration in Logistics and Operations Management at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2011.

Ms. Alderson joined BAI in 2008 and she has been involved in numerous projects in both the regulated and deregulated markets. She has worked on various issues including embedded and marginal cost of service studies, rate design, power procurement and portfolio management, contract negotiation, and sustainability compliance management.  She is a regular speaker at BAI's Utility Ratemaking Fundamentals seminar, and provides bi-weekly energy market fundamentals reports to BAI clients.

Project Work

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Other Project Work

  • Alberta
  • Costa Rica
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario


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